Diversification for Carmet Marine Ltd

Carmet Marine Ltd have placed an order for a new WISE 110T amphibious boat hoist for use at the shipyard on the River Mersey. The hoist will be the largest of its kind on the West Coast and has been specifically designed to facilitate the increase in demand for workboats both in the civil engineering and renewable energy sector. The hoist will specially designed to lift vessels up to 10m beam and 110 tonnes in weight, to facilitate the lifting of the larger crew transfer vessels working on the windfarms in the Irish Sea.

Carmet Marine Ltd took over the shipyard in Bromborough in November 2015, and the order for the new boat hoist is part of the company’s long term plan to increase the quality services offered to current and new clients. The hoist will work in conjunction with the current slipway cradle which has the capability of handling vessels up to 1200 tonnes in weight.
As well as being able to securely recover vessels quicker, the main advantage to the hoist is the ability to store more than one vessel at a time on the 6 acre site for either short or long term periods. The shipyard does have undercover storage if required and available, but also has access to cranage, forklifts and cherrypickers.

Managing Director Brett Metcalfe stated that ‘the hoist is the Company’s next step to providing clients with an efficient 24/7 support package for vessel maintenance and repair services’. These services include hull inspection and repairs, cleaning and painting, mechanical and hydraulic overhauls, rudder and propulsion repairs.

Additionally Carmet Marine Ltd are now in a position to offer competitive prices for new marine engines, Gearboxes and mechanical spares, anodes, LSA equipment, ropes and lifting equipment and also marine electronics.